Do you know what "SLOW DESTINATION" is?

Maybe you haven't heard of it yet. However, the term Slow tourism or Slow travel is quite common in the world.

It means the way of traveling and enjoying tourist experience simply slowly. Tourists do not chase to see as much as possible. They expect less but more intense experience in the places they visit. The Italian town of Cittaslow is very famous for its slow travel. We now have the first Czech SLOW destination in Eastern Bohemia. It is the Podorlicko and Orlické mountains.


They are a quiet, gentle and friendly area that enables hiking without hurry and stress. Soothing nature is combined with a wealth of cultural monuments, mysterious places, charming towns and villages and preserved folk architecture. Long mountain ridges with distant views as well as deep and romantic river valleys form a typical panorama of these places.


Genius loci is based on the rich cultural and aristocratic history of the region. The castles on Orlice river, called the Czech Loire, have been decorating the title of European Excellent Destination since 2017. Enjoy here beautiful moments - mountains and foothills are a real opportunity to slow down in today's busy world.

Get your inspiration from the peace here, keep yourself in a distance from civilization and human activity. You will discover the most peaceful romantic places on foot, by bike or on cross-country skis. Discover that the Orlické Mountains and Foothills region are truly SLOW.