Good transport accessibility

East Bohemia lies in the very heart of the Czech Republic. Letiste_27
It is just an hour by car/train from the capital city Prague
and is also very close to the Polish border. A further advantage
lies in the good railway and road network together with the
international airport in Pardubice.

A modern congress capacity

The congress and hotel infrastructure in East Bohemia is very 
modern. It offers a large number of conference and 
hotel capacities. Your event will be provided with
comprehensive services, which also include extensive Nove_Hrady_3
incentive programs and wellness services.

Unique monuments and nature

Unique historical sites and nature constitute the true wealth of
East Bohemia. Many of the architectural gems are national
cultural monuments or have been included in the UNESCO list 
of world heritage. Hold your event at a castle or a château and 
give it a completely new dimension.

Local gastronomy

You will find excellent gastronomical experiences both in golf_Lazne_Bohdanec_1
the luxury restaurants and in small folk establishments
which make use of traditional recipes. These are mainly
based on East Bohemia’s family silver: beer, gingerbread
and “jabkance” (sweet potato flat cakes served with quark
and sprinkled with icing sugar).


The political and economic stability of the Czech Republic
guarantee maximum security during your events,
conferences and meetings.